Enhance your life. Track your habits.

Have you ever wondered why you don't seem to reach your personal goals no matter how much you try? Do you want to know how much you sleep on average or how much hours did you put at the gym?

Do you want the ability of being able to track everything in the same place and being able to review it on a weekly, monthly or annual basis?

If any of this sounds familiar, RoutineTap is what you need. We will help you by giving you the possibility of tracking all your goals online. You just need to set your own questions and answer them on a regular basis. You can then get a clear view of what your progress is and how you can improve!

1. Set your questions

Clock Whether you want to lose weight or to track your average sleep time, you can set these and other questions easily. You define your own goals and objectives, we track them down for you.

2. Answer regularly

Cycle You get the best from RoutineTap if you answer your own questions regularly. By spending only a couple of minutes each day, you can gain a unique insight on many aspects of your habits. RoutineTap can tell you if you're still gonna make that weight goal or even how much you should save every day to take that vacations.

3. See the patterns

Stats After collecting enough answers, you can check your progress and even compare yourself to previous months. One of the greatest things about RoutineTap is that you can see everything on a graphic format. Pie charts and graphic bars to the rescue!

I've been using it for a week now - and I find it really useful for enforcing +1 behaviours for habits I want to install. Keep up the good work.


Hey guys at routine tap....i love this webapp...its amazing and different...would really suggest to my friends...:-)


I've been using it for some time, I notice that I get much more sleep in the weekend!

Rodrigo Coelho

A good and useful app!


Sign up now it's free! Still not convinced? Drop us a line at feedback@routinetap.com, your feedback is important!